Anonymous asked: "I wanna start an AM blog, do you have any tips? And do you have a personal tumblr too?"

Hmm it’s always good posting your own stuff, like gifs you did or pictures you edited, having something related with arctic monkeys on your url and/or title helps putting your blog on google researches which i think it’s pretty cool idk hehe, be careful to not reblog stuff from reposters so at first while you can’t distinguish what is a repost and what is not i sugest you to not reblog thing from tags and only from blogs you trust. The better things of having a blog about arctic monkeys is having all the time new information about the band (with time you learn where to find it and you can share it too) and meeting people from everywhere that are fans of the band, so enjoy it to make friends there’s nothing better than meeting people that get so excited as you with anything related with arctic monkeys like watching a livestream or a new photoshoot you gonna love it! 

Anonymous asked: "whats the story behind nick omalleys obsession with nutella? im new to the fandom and i dont get it."

It’s a thing blake wrote a long time ago (read here) but it’s not serious :)

by Alexander Matthews

by Alexander Matthews


you’re welcome bb :)

l0veyouless asked: "What is your favourite Arctic Monkeys song?"


Anonymous asked: "What's that video of them playing in London from like, 2006? Alex is wearing a red shirt and there's a gif of him blowing a kiss?"

hey here

deathcabformicrowave replied to your post: just bought this leather jacket so i t…

omg the jacket is beautiful on you!!!

aw thank you! i’ve never had a jacket the fit me so well like this one i’m in love

just bought this leather jacket so i think now i can join miles and alex at coachella

just bought this leather jacket so i think now i can join miles and alex at coachella

Anonymous asked: "What's your favorite monkeys album?"

humbug :)

stefiwhateveryourlastnameis asked: "Where do u know so much for Alex from /? :)"

hm years of stalking hehe